Known for its sustainability, bamboo is a favorite among builders for home construction in tropical countries. Due to its ubiquity, durability, and versatility, it has been used as an alternative to steel and concrete all over the world. 

But is it more than just a construction material?

Due to its sturdiness and flexibility, people are able to create new ways of using this grass plant. (Yes, it is a type of grass)

In fact, here are 7 Home Uses and Benefits for using bamboo products.

  1. Furniture

You’ve probably seen a handful of bespoke furniture made of bamboo. And that’s because it’s pliable enough to be cut and transformed into any shape desired. It is commonly used as outdoor furniture because it repels insects and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

bamboo chair


Why it’s good for you:You get more bang for your buck. Imagine not having to change your furniture for a long time because bamboo is so sturdy it can last you at least 5 years (more if maintained properly). 

Where to get it:You’ll usually find a lot of these furniture displayed along the roads going to Tagaytay or Cavite. No time to drive? Visit or Facebook groups


  1. Utensils

It may be a bit uncommon but yes, bamboo is now turned into spoons and forks. A favorite among campers, it’s sleek and lightweight design proves that it can be both functional and stylish.


Why it’s good for you:Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties that make is safe to use. Not to mention, it’s also easy to clean.

Where to get it: Local companies such as Zero Waste Philippines, Minka              Ventures, and Sip Steel Straws 


  1. Flooring

You’ve probably seen it many times- when going to resorts or visiting a friend’s place. Bamboo flooring is common as it is more water-resistant compared to hardwood. If treated properly, it will protect your home from molds.

bamboo floor 

Why it’s good for you:It is a cheaper alternative to hardwood and is more durable.

Where to get it: Hardware stores, Home Depot or Tile Stores


  1. Home Décor

Sky’s the limit when creating decorations made of bamboo. From towel racks, headboards, to cabinets and chandeliers. All it takes is a little ingenuity, a lot of bamboos and you can make anything!

bamboo decor 


Why it's good for you: It’s always great to support local products as a way of helping and honoring our kababayans. Of course, unique bamboo décor add character to your home.

Where to get it:Furniture stores, online shops, Manila FAME


  1. Toothbrush

Aside from its antibacterial properties, bamboo toothbrushes are made of natural raw materials. This means that while it is manufactured, there are no harmful chemicals or plastic included.

It’s safe for kids too!




Why it’s good for you: Clean your teeth and your environment. It is a biodegradable product that decomposes naturally, so you won’t be adding to the garbage landfill. 

Where to get it:Minka, Human Nature, Go Zero Ph, Kalikhasan


  1. Roofing

First, flooring then structural foundation, now roofing? Yes! And it’s very effective too. You’ve seen it in Bahay Kubo(s) built decades ago and it’s still being used today- albeit with a more modern feel.

bamboo roof

Why it’s good for you:Cheap, easily available, regulates temperature during hot weather and is rust-proof

Where to get it:Fence and Roofing Stores such as Manila Bamboo Store, FAD Bamboo store and the like


  1. Linen

If there are clothes made of bamboo fiber then there can definitely be linens. Especially useful to combat the scorching heat, Bamboo Linens are softer than cotton which gives off a cooling effect once in contact with your body.


Why it’s good for you:Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, regulates temperature, and highly durable. 

Where to get it:Click Hereto browse our products


It’s no surprise that bamboo has been used for centuries due to its resilience and heat-regulating properties. Coupled with man’s resourcefulness, we’ll surely be seeing more practical ways of using this amazing plant.