The ambiance is the most important factor in a home. It is the general mood and feeling that a room evokes through its style, design, and theme.

Think about the feeling you get when you walk into a hotel lobby. What scent do you smell and how does it make you feel?

When you enter a spa, aromatic oils greet you with dim yellow lights that are so relaxing you could fall asleep.

When you walk into an office, bright lights welcome you along with clean, polished tables and computer screens that push you towards productivity.

That’s exactly what ambiance is and as the millennials say, it’s all about the feels.


Designing Your Home

Now the question is, how do you apply this concept to your space, room or home?  

It’s easy to hire an interior designer to do it for you but that might be a bit pricey. In fact, with the prevalence of easily accessible information through the internet, you can be your own designer.

Lucky for you, we have collated all the unique, efficient and inspiring design tips that will surely liven up your space.


  1. Mix textures

When decorating your home, add a combination of different materials in order to bring more depth to a room. You can mix different types of linen in your bed and pillowcases. For chairs, you can mix acrylic with a glass table to create an open space. For a rustic yet industrial feel, you can opt for wood combined with metal accent pieces.


  1. Choose a focal point

In a room, aim to highlight one part and decorate accordingly. For instance, in your bedroom, you can choose to focus on your bed. You can use bright-colored sheets to balance out neutral-colored walls.  Alternatively, you can choose a muted color for your bed sheet set and add some yellow light to create an intimate feel.


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  1. Maximize lighting

Try different kinds of lighting. Bright lights make a room appear bigger. Pin lights that are strategically placed are great for highlighting spaces, designs and creating a homey, intimate feel. Meanwhile, bed lamps add style and function to a room.

Want to conserve energy? Go for LED lights


  1. Character

Use reclaimed wood or go for antique items mixed with modern decors. Hang a photo collage, art-deco or painting on a wall. Keep in mind that there is no definite rule when it comes to design because everything is subjective. Ultimately, it’s all about what you want your style to be.


  1. Decorate your walls

Want to express your creative side? Go ahead and paint a mural on your wall! This can be the focal point of your room.

Looking for a faster alternative with the same effect? Go for decals or wallpaper.


  1. Display collections

Do you love to collect souvenirs when you travel? Do you always buy shot glasses, magnets keychains, and other knick-knacks? Show them off so you can always be reminded of your wonderful experiences.


  1. Classic colors

Neutral colors like white, beige, gray and black will never go out of style and will match every design you think of. Mix these basic colors with contrasting shades for a modern feel.


  1. Go natural

Place indoor plants and open windows to allow natural lighting and air circulation. Doing this will also be good for your health and well-being. You’ll get cleaner air from plants, a more open space and a brighter disposition from all that sun and air.


Try these incredibly easy tips in your home and be amazed at how these simple tweaks can make your space feel more relaxed, comfortable and homey.


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