Luxury doesn't have to come at a high price. With a little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of research, you can score great deals that give ultimate value for your money. 

 Need help choosing the perfect bed sheet sets? 

We’re rounding up some tips to help you choose premium bed linens that will ensure ultimate sleep indulgence.


  1. Choose the right kind of fabric

Rainy season is here which means that the gloomy skies and cold breeze are perfect for hiding under the covers and catching up on some overdue rest. To ensure optimum sleep, it is important for your bedroom to be around 15-19 degrees Celcius. Cranking up your aircon can do this but your sheets also play an important role in regulating your body’s temperature.

Go for bamboo, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and silk as their fibers maximize air circulation. These are natural fibers with moisture and temperature regulating properties that are conducive for a good night’s sleep.

You can easily find them in department stores or if you want more convenience, shop at online stores that offer free delivery straight to your home.


  1. Opt for a relaxing hue

Have you ever noticed how you feel relaxed when you look at colors green or blue? Or feel energized as you look at the color red? This is known as color psychology. It is a study on the effects of color on one’s mental disposition.

Certain hues send signals to the brain which influence behavior. Your mind interprets these colors which end up influencing your physical well-being.

White is always a staple shade that induces peace-of-mind, relaxation, and clarity. But if you want to spice it up, choose other colors like:


color psychology bamboo sheets


  1. Go for variety

Make use of pillowcases that have different designs, textures, and materials. These can instantly add character to your space. Try fabrics like linen or cashmere, decorate with tassels, or laces to give it that extra flair.

Dress your bed with a comforter which will surely keep you snug and comfortable this rainy reason. Mix contrasting colors or stick with neutrals to create a hotel-inspired bed.


  1. Follow care instructions

Do you see the small patch of cloth in the lining of your bed sheets? Care instructions indicate proper washing for your bed linens to maintain the quality and softness.

Use cold water and mild detergents to clean your sheets. Make sure to wash it well as sweat, bacteria, and dirt can get trapped in the weaved threads. Dry it completely, fold and store properly.


  1. Check the thread count

Surely, you’ve heard that the higher the thread count, the softer it’s supposed to be. Though it’s not always the case, it’s still good to check if your linens are within the recommended thread range.

 Go for bed sheets that have at least 200 up to 800 thread count. This range ensures a soft and durable fabric.

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Beyond the décor, brand, and price, an ordinary sheet becomes a luxury bedding when it provides ultimate comfort.

 Your sheets go beyond aesthetic function.  They are supposed to help you achieve a state of deep sleep to allow your body to fully regenerate. It’s not just about buying the most popular bed sheet sets in the market. It’s about researching what fits your needs, personalizing to your taste and maintaining it well to protect its durability.