Quiz : Find Out The Best Design Style For Your Home

Take our short quiz to reveal your unique style and get some
tips and tricks to upgrade your bedroom.

1. Describe your personal style

A. Simple, Minimalist

B. Fun, Trendy

C. Sophisticated, Chic

2.Which of the following best describes the decor of your home?

A. Minimalist Neutral Tones, Minimal design

B. Fun, Trendy Statement pieces, Patterns

C. Sophisticated, Chic Comfort, Warm, Homey

3.When it comes to color, you prefer..

A. Light Tones/ Pastels

B. Bold Colors

C. Earth Tones

Mostly A's : Classic Minimalist

You gravitate towards color, pattern, and shapes. Your design style is defined by the deliberate use of texture, simplicity, and subtle sophistication. You can use bright and bold colors that play against neutral for a more balanced look.

Go for neutral luxe beddings can complement your space.

Mostly B's : Contemporary

You gravitate towards a soothing palette - softer colors, darks, or neutrals. You can keep your space looking light and fuss free by creating a neutral base and pairing it with subdued colors to bring a pop of color to your home.

Pair neutral colors with bright accents to add depth to the composition of your interiors.

Mostly C's : Transitional

Part modern, part traditional. You gravitate towards classic designs while incorporating the latest trends. Your style is all about balancing these two and creating a lived in feel. You can keep your home warm and welcoming by adopting a neutral color palette with soothing colors or simple prints

Use soothing colors to create a homey feel with a hint of elegance.