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No more tossing and turning during the night with our Serenity Pillow. Made from a luxurious blend of bamboo fiber and polyester the result is a durable, thick, plush feeling that is highly breathable as well as naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Certified by Oeko-Tex you can sleep soundly knowing our products do not contain any toxic or allergic substances.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Easily Lost its “Plush” Factor

I loved this pillow at first. It was so comfortable to use. After about a year, however, it became flat. When I fold it in half, it doesn’t go back to its original shape (I read somewhere that pillows should be replaced when this happens). For something this expensive, I think I should get more than a year’s use.


Been using the pillows for weeks now. It’s soft and the size is perfect. Fluffiness is ok with me but for my hubby it should be a little lofty. But one thing’s for sure, my furbabies loves it so much that they think that it’s their bed na siguro. Comfortable na comfortable. I think I need to buy our own pillow… 😬 For now waiting for restock of the pillow protector.

Dvina Chik

The pillow size is nicr but it was way too soft for me. I fluff it like the comments said but it's still the same. I was hoping that the pillow would also be a bit thicker.

Hi Dvina! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us :) Have you tried a tennis ball or dryer ball inside the dryer? I've heard this may help fluff the pillow up.

Annie Caballero

The serenity pillows are a dream. I threw them into the dyer for a light tumble to fluff them up from the vacuum packaging. The size of the standard is perfect for a restful sleep. Material keeps cool. The softness is just right

Dear Annie, thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are thrilled that you're loving your new pillows! Happy sleeping :)

Serenity pillow

Too flat, no body. More for hugging than using as a pillow