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Parents are special. As one myself, I sometimes forget to notice mine - how I’m so wrapped up in my day to day, watching my little ones grow, working and whatnot, that when I see my folks, they are older.

We are lucky to have both our parents in our world. We are privileged to have gained so much from them, and to continue learning from them. There are many times I neglect their presence.

Of course there is conflict. Of course they are imperfect. Of course they stress us out. But then again, who isn’t? Who does one love deeply that does not come as a rollercoaster?

One thing I know and want to remember is that we only go through life once. You’ll be a parent once and though there’s so much content out there now, most of ours did not have much guidance except for a trial by fire experience. And it still feels like that today albeit all the noise. Our parents are experiencing us through our life stage for the first and only time.

And we weigh pressure on them, like they’re supposed to know better and be greater than they are. But for myself, of course I want to be my best, but what does that mean? I still make mistakes and am flawed - forever.

Then at the speed of blinding light, to our parents, we have grown up. I forget that while they put their expectations onto us, they also weigh themselves.

To those who are as fortunate as we are, I simply wish to take this reflection so perhaps you may forgive, accept, love, and cherish.

Breathe in. Hold. Let go. Let love.

It’s gonna feel weird if you’ve never done it before, but go ahead. Call them up. Don’t text. Call and say - I love you. For all that you’ve done. And all that you are. Thank you.