Easy laundry Instructions
for Bamboo Bedding

Keep breathing new life into your bamboo
beddings by taking great care for them!

 Can I wash my bamboo beddings in the washing machine?

Yes! All of our beddings can be machine washed. Use a cold, gentle cycle, with mild liquid detergent.
Please take note to wash your sheets, duvet covers, and comforters separately as rough fabrics may cause abrasion.

 What Laundry Detergent should I use?

Mild clear colored liquid detergents works best for our beddings. No need to use fabric softener as they are already soft and will stay that way after washing. Do not use bleach.

 How should I dry my sheets?

If you use a dryer, tumble dry on a gentle cycle. Make sure to remove your sheets & duvet covers immediately after to avoid wrinkles. You may also choose to line dry your sheets by draping them flat on the line.

Can I iron my sheets?

Even if there are wrinkles from being washed or stored, they gradually go away the more you sleep on your beddings. But if you like your sheets crisp, then you can iron them at low temperature.

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