Free Nationwide Shipping Over PHP 1,500 | Easy Returns & Exchanges

Free Nationwide Shipping Over PHP 1,500 | Easy Returns & Exchanges

This 2023, life continues to accelerate its pace. Far from the years of hearing cries to stay home and keep distance, our collective wish to return to a “normal” and social world came true. Suddenly, society is busy again, with so many things to do and places to go; and as glad as we all are, new and old challenges have come back to light.

Linen & Homes is thankful to be at the forefront of enabling better sleep. Thousands of you have shared so many wondrous moments and simple joys that made our prolonged stay at home a cherished memory - a period of slowness that we hope many can look back on with fondness.

As the hustle and bustle of daily living continues to unfold, we wish to be a source of mindfulness for the community. And so what once was a dream we hope to share with you.

Tuesday Letters is a space for thoughts from our hearts to yours. In a world of plenty, we will publish letters that beat with hope, faith, and the vibrancy of random joys - a way to reach out to you, a warm hug in the form of words.

Our wish is to deliver a message that may inspire a sense of peace, comfort, and reassurance. We plan to send a letter once a week, to help calm the noise and bring the present moment for you to enjoy, wherever you may be. To allow space between promotional announcements, we decided to deliver Tuesday Letters through a new list.