Bedroom in neutral colors, with a queen size bed and chairs in front

If you’re a huge believer in Feng Shui, then you’ve probably already know that where you sleep in your home is the most important space.

For those of you who are more of realists, a good way to view Feng Shui is that in point, it kind of makes sense. Just make sure you get the right advice from the right person. I’d like to believe all Feng Shui “masters” genuinely want to help you and not just take advantage of your wallet.

Since my mom is a Feng Shui consultant herself, I’ve been able to get some insights from her. Just to give a little insight, the way she does it, is that it’s based on an individual. What you’ll read below is very basic. The way you Feng Shui, should be based on you or the people living there, not based on everyone in the world. But with that, the points below applies to everyone, but to go deeper, you can seek for a reading to know which direction (north, south, east, west) is best for the year and you yourself. Thank you mommy Maggie Chan! Here are her takes on how to improve your room flow:

1. Headboard

Now I know some of you may be minimalists and don’t like the typical headboard, but this is essential. It was created with purpose and not just decor. Make sure to get a nice solid and sturdy headboard. This represents stability in your life. It should also be higher than your shoulders, when you’re seated in bed.

2. Clear Surroundings

Make sure you don’t have anything above you or anything that would represent chaos for example. Say if you have a painting above your headboard, it should be something pleasant. Also no cabinets or shelving above your head. This may sound funny, but make sure there’s no pool above you (yes, someone’s room was right under a pool).

3. No Doors Facing The Bed 

Your bed shouldn’t be facing any doors like the entrance or bathroom. Even from the side view, if you’re facing it, move your bed. Your feet can’t face the door, because it usually represents death. Like when someone passes away in a hospital, it’s usually feet first out the door of the room.

4. No Mirrors facing the bed

Make sure you don’t have any mirrors facing the bed. This is more of a spiritual thing, where they believe that sleep is related to being vulnerable and mirrors are a gateway to the spirit world. So in order to prevent any possession and resort to anything rash, let’s remove the mirrors. You are not Emily Rose.

5. Clear Doorway

Your bedroom door should be able to open all the way. There should be nothing behind the door. Importantly no mirrors, clocks, or calendars behind the door. 

6. Keep Your Room Clean

This may sound like an insert pointer from a mother, but it’s not. It’s super important to keep underneath your bed clutter-free. You sleep on your bed, so you don’t want to literally sleep over a mess. It resonates with your life, as you don’t want it to be a crazy mess too. In fact, make sure your entire room is tidy.

7. Colors

Use relaxing colors like pastels or neutrals (that don’t drive you crazy). Although colors are more of a personal preference, just make sure they’re not anything wild. Avoid dark colors. I know some of you like your rooms extra dark like the sun never touches a single inch of your floor, but it just isn’t healthy. Keep your ceiling at least white or beige. 

8. Lighting

Like pointer number 2, make sure there aren’t any lighting fixtures on top of your bed. Keep these to the sides. For all you night owls, I’m sorry, but please make sure you have a lot of good lighting and natural light coming in from the windows. During the day, make sure your curtains are open or at least light is coming through. 

9. Side Tables

It;s best to have side tables. They can’t be higher than your bed and they should have drawers. These are so you can save money and have assets too.

10. Above Your Bed

To add to the long list of things-that-shouldn’t-be-above-your-bed, you shouldn’t have the air conditioner on top of the bed. Also no beams or drop ceilings above as well.