Being home so much these days and having more free time, it’s easy to notice all the little things around the house that need improving. With more people sharing their home projects and the rise of local Facebook group Home Buddies (hello, kapitbahay!), it’s hard not to want to redecorate, too! 

Suddenly, those drab gray walls need a repaint. And that old living room needs an accent piece. But where do you start? Do you need a complete renovation or should you just rearrange the furniture? Should you go minimalist or boho? Are you an indoor plants kind of family or would you rather keep the garden outside? 

There are so many decisions to make. Thankfully, some of the best interior designers have opened their home projects to the public. Check out these Instagram accounts for design ideas and inspiration! 


Ten years ago, LA-based celebrity blogger and interior designer Emily Henderson started a small personal blog to share her opinions on style and design. Today, it has turned into one of the most relatable sources of home design inspiration. She tackles big and small home projects, and documents everything on Instagram. Her feed is filled with well-lit and beautifully colored spaces that are like breaths of fresh air and buckets of happy sunshine.


Scroll through interior decorator Nick Olsen’s Instagram feed to find some of the most unique interiors. The Columbia-trained and Elle Decor A-lister mixes antique pieces with contemporary elements to create unexpected combinations that are full of color and texture. 


 New York-based interior designer, home design book author, and media personality Corey Damen Jenkins’ unique design approach involves remixing classic interior design with modern urban elements. His affluent and personality-filled interiors can be intimidating, but his posts are always engaging and down-to-earth. A must-follow for any interior design fan!


 Home blogger Ashley @biggerthanthethreeofus fills her IG feed with her small family’s home renovation projects. Commenting on her ongoing projects, Ashley makes you a  part of the whole process of remodeling and renovating. If you want to start taking small steps in making that dream room come to life, you should definitely follow her.


Paloma Contreras’ penchant for French antique and classic design comes to life through her feed. She brings a unique charm and sophisticated chic to her projects, which have been featured in major interior design publications.  


 Interior Designer and visual storyteller Christina Higham takes inspiration from art, music, travel, and fashion to create vibrant and timeless spaces that “spark the soul.” Filled with warm wood, neutrals, and splashes of color, Christina’s interiors are always comfortable and lived-in, the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to fill their homes with memorable experiences.


Scroll through the IG feed of Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro to get a taste of modern luxury. The creative duo, dubbed the “golden couple of interior design” by Architectural Digest, creates functional interiors combined with a subtle sense of relaxation.

Virginia-born designer Ken Fulk leads a team of “magic makers"designers, architects, and branding and events specialiststo create highly sophisticated interiors on homes, restaurants, hotels, and even jet planes. His spaces are an eclectic mix of pattern, color, glamour, vintage, and contemporary, successfully putting the global stylemaker on Architectural Digest’s AD100 and Elle Decor’s A-list. 

Alyssa Kapito’s elegant bespoke interiors are distinctively marked with clean lines, beautiful textures, and wide windows. Inspired by Art Deco, Bauhaus, French Moderne, and the 90’s Calvin Klein minimalist white-box aesthetic, her spaces are classic, artful, and serene. 

Sydney-based stylist Fiona Gould crafts beautiful residential and commercial spaces that have been featured on the pages of the most popular interior design magazines. Her interiors are artsy, comfortable, and tasteful retreats with just the right touch of Zen. 

The best home bloggers and interior designers are just a click away! Which of these designers resonate with your style the most?