You’ve probably seen it on television, social media, and advertisements. Bamboo Products are gaining popularity in the Philippines and all over the world.

Perhaps it’s nothing new for us given the abundance of this humble plant in Philippine soil. Apart from its usefulness, it’s also fast becoming a global trend due to its stylish appeal.


Why Bamboo?

Commonly found in Asia, North & South America, Australia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, this type of grass has been used for centuries. Due to its antibacterial and temperature regulating properties, it is a favorite material for clothing, housing, cooking, oral hygiene – and just about anything you can think of.

In fact, here are some brands and personalities advocating for the Bamboo Movement. They deliver unique and sustainable products while reducing carbon footprint.


  1. Kenneth Cobonpue

A multi-awarded furniture designer who hails from Cebu. He is a master of integrating natural materials, traditional furniture making and innovative technologies.  He creates outstanding masterpieces born out of his vivid imagination.

He has designed a variety of products from furniture, a car, and a pedicab! Yes, you heard that right.

See his designs at


  1. Elora Hardy

The creator of Green Village in Bali. She built luxury houses, villas and a school made ENTIRELY of bamboo. (Even the toilet!) A fearless creator, she truly materialized her visions into what can now be considered as masterpieces.

Learn about her story as featured on Ted Talks:


  1. Loudbasstard

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s a brand that creates speakers from bamboo. The idea is that the bamboo’s natural composition acts as a sound amplifier which delivers clear and better-sounding music.

Check it out at:


  1. Funk Trunk

 A store with a mission. Great bamboo finds at affordable prices are available in their e-commerce shop. They offer watches, eyewear, phone cases and accessories. Best part is, for every purchase you make, they plant a tree on your behalf. 

Join their cause for reforestation at:


  1. LinenandHomes

A startup company that aims to deliver luxury bedding for a fraction of the cost. Owners Ryan and Shelly took it upon themselves to manufacture their own bamboo sheets that are temperature regulating with an indulgent feel.

 It’s perfect for our perennially hot weather! Say goodbye to sweaty, sleepless summer nights with these premium bamboo linens.

For a convenient shopping experience, it’s available online  via


  1. Bambike

A social enterprise that produces handmade bamboo bikes to provide “green bikes” all over the world. They also have social engagement programs such as a scholarship, teacher sponsorship, feeding program, and a bamboo nursery for reforestation.

If you wish to join their cause, check out their site here:


Key Takeaway

Apart from these, there are more bamboo products to try such as toothbrush, utensils, home décor, flooring, roofing, keyboard, kitchen tools, watch, phone case, bags, and clothing. So many people are joining the trend by using bamboo products for their homes, accessories or everyday essentials.

But why, you might wonder.

The proof is in its durability, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility. These products are packaged in such a sophisticated and efficient way that you won’t have to choose between style and usage – you’ll get both.

Apart from its basic function, it is notable that since it is a sustainable material, using it helps preserve our environment. It lasts a lifetime thereby reducing the need to constantly buy new furnishings, accessories and the like – This also gives you more savings in the long term. It is also a biodegradable product that decomposes once discarded. When converted into cloth, it is softer than cotton and has cooling insulation fibers.  Finally, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it safe for everyday use.

The use of bamboo products is a rising trend that will surely evolve over time. Due to its varied benefits, no wonder people are trying it out.

Now the question is, are you ready to join the bandwagon?