Your bedroom is your personal space, your safe haven. It’s only right that you choose colors that suit who you are at your very core. Color choice can reveal aspects of your personality, making you enjoy your private space all the more. Here’s some color psychology to help you get started!

Yellow, Ivory, and Tan

Yellows are usually associated with happiness. This color choice is a nod to your sunny and bubbly disposition. You generally have a positive outlook in life. Most probably, you’re a morning person who enjoys waking up to the rays of sunshine peeking through your curtains. Just a word of caution: overusing yellows may cause anxiety or frustration.  If yellow speaks to you, choose the softer shades or neutralize it with ivory and tan to add a touch of elegance to your room. 

Tip: To help you achieve this look, try the Bamboo Starter Sheet Set in Ivory. You can also add an accent piece in blue for a pop of color.    

Blue, Sand, and White

While you have an adventurous spirit, you also love to relax and take it easy. You see your bedroom as a personal oasis where you can totally be yourself. You’re the type who loves flexibility, like sea waves that can’t be contained. Your chill personality makes you an easy person to get along with. But make no mistake about it, not every person will get permission to step into your sacred space. 

Tip: For peaceful vibes, pair up grayish blue colors with white sheets and a sandy headboard or carpet.The Steel Blue sheet set is a gorgeous grayish blue to get you started.

Green, Gray, and White

Green is associated with the spirit that brings things to life. You’re the type of person people would love to talk to when they’re feeling down or tired. A natural empath, you bring healing through your compassionate personality.  Grays and whites present a stark contrast to the vibrant energy green brings to your room, a quiet reminder of your own need to be refreshed. Meditative silence, harmony, and tranquility are some concepts you resonate with.

Design Tip: Play around with different shades of green by accessorizing with indoor plants. Grab some Earthy Green bedding as well. They'd be so lovely next to a gray headboard. 

Red, Ivory, and Champagne

A room in red with touches of ivory and champagne speaks of passion, power, boldness, and luxury. You’re sophisticated and classy, confident and intense. You speak your mind unapologetically, but with tact and grace. People are drawn to your ardent love for life. You live everyday in abundance, comfort, and ease.

Tip: If you prefer to shy away from bright colors, choose deep burgundy or a muted shade of red, like Canyon Red.

Blush and Teal

Feminine, fresh, and subtle. Blush pink shades evoke an innocent charm that’s unintentionally beguiling. You’re loyal to your most intimate relationships and love having them over for long talks and sleepovers. Playful, sweet, and affectionate, you maintain your youthfulness regardless of time and season. A touch of teal adds just enough contrast to keep your room from being too sugary sweet.

Tip: Not a fan of painting your whole room pink? A blush headboard blends well with other muted colors in your palette. Throw blankets would work, too.

Every personality can be expressed through color. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best palette for your bedroom.