Mindfulness – the buzzword for 2020 and beyond, but are we really living it? 

Check if you are able to practice mindfulness: 

  • You can be present and aware of the moment. 
  • You’re able to focus on whatever’s happening in front of you, no matter how mundane it seems.
  • When you’re doing something, you’re able to do it efficiently and with great focus. 

    Oftentimes, our consciousness and thoughts are clouded when we need to be focused. We’re hyper-connected, taking in information all the time, thinking of what to do next or what happened in the past, that we simply cannot stay in the moment. 

    Mindfulness means that you can be with yourself and your thoughts without any interruption. In order for us to be “in the zone”, we need to find inspiration and motivation in our own space. We need to stop and take some time to organize our thoughts so we can tackle tasks more efficiently. 

    What Mindfulness Does for You 

    Today’s typical lifestyle is fast-paced, bombarded with outside signals from our phones, laptops, and TV sets, that we don’t even realize we’re never fully in our minds! 

    The result? We’re anxious, uncomfortable without a screen to our face, and unable to sit still. When was the last time you sat and did nothing – not even open a book, peel an onion, or fidget with a pen? 

    Mindfulness brings forth a lot of benefits:

    It decreases depressive symptoms. 

    It improves memory and attention. 

    It decreases stress. 

    It helps navigate relationships.

    Transforming Your Bedroom into a Mindfulness Haven 

    Mindfulness is a way of life, and the bedroom is a great place to begin practicing it. Here are key items that will help encourage mindfulness in the place where you rest and spend time with yourself.


    Nature has a way of calming us down. Bringing a piece of it inside your room will do wonders in your mindfulness practice. Another benefit is that it also purifies your indoor air. 

    A rug 

    Standing or walking barefoot with a textured rug under your feet, encourages using your tactile senses instead of just your eyesight. This enhances mindfulness and helps you improve your meditation practice.


    You can create a meditation nook by placing cushions on your rug. Aside from making your bedroom prettier, it gives off a feeling of coziness and warmth. Choose high quality cushions that provide comfort and support so you can achieve great focus during meditation. 

    A rack by the door

    Your bedroom should be your place of refuge. Try your best to separate your rest from your work. A rack by your door can help, where you can place coats, shoes, keys, bags, and even your phone for an intentional mindfulness practice in the bedroom. 


    Art moves the soul. It inspires and grounds you to the present. Art isn’t just a framed painting. Add beautiful accent pieces such as vases, sculptures, and fabrics here and there. 

    Sheer Curtains 

    Another great way to invite nature inside your bedroom is to replace heavy drapes with sheer curtains. Let your room be bathed in sunlight. With natural light seeping through your windows, you can be more connected to the now, and therefore experience a more mindful time in your bedroom. 

    Scented candles 

    Not only does a scented candle make your room smell nice, using your sense of smell is grounding and helps you focus on the now. Choose a soothing scent you want to associate with your bedroom, and light it up as you sit quietly on your comfy cushions and feel the texture of your rug on your feet. 

    Ultra-comfy bedsheets and blankets 

    A big part of mindfulness is rest. Because the bedroom is your resting place, it’s only right that you give attention to how you dress your bed. Choose comfy sheets and a weighted blanket for uninterrupted sleep that you can always look forward to at the end of a long day. 

    Tranquility Weighted Blanket with 100% Bamboo Cover

    Storage bins 

    Your bedroom doesn’t have to be empty for it to promote mindfulness. You only need to arrange it in an orderly manner that lets you zone in to yourself. For a functional bedroom, find containers where you can stash items you often use. Make sure that you’re able to maintain the zen-ness of your room by packing away your things after every use. 

    On colors 

    Neutral colors relax the mind and calm the soul. Choose pieces in calming whites, grays, and browns, and if you want to add splashes of colors, go for muted ones.