What is a flat sheet?

Don’t be shy to ask! One of the most common questions that we receive here at Linen & Homes and we’re here to help you decide.

Flat sheet is what the name suggests, it’s a flat piece of rectangular shaped fabric that lies on the bed. Also may be referred to as a top sheet. There’s no correct answer if it’s a necessity but here’s a few reasons why you may choose to add it to your bedding collection:

1. May reduce extra laundering.  Since the flat sheet lies on top of your body creating a layer between you and a duvet cover, you may opt to wash your duvet cover and comforter every two to three weeks instead of every week. A flat sheet is much lighter to wash and dry compared to a duvet cover and comforter. 

We recommend washing flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillow cases once  a week especially during the summer or if you tend to sweat at night. Read our care guide here!

2. Alternative blanket choice. Some people may experience temperature fluctuations during the middle of the night (This may be you if you find yourself sleeping with your feet sticking out of the blanket), it’s nice to have an alternative thin blanket either to use on its own or as an additional layer under your duvet cover.

We’ve also heard from customers that they prefer an additional flat sheet as their partner prefers cold aircon but they themselves end up shivering. A flat sheet could be the multilayer approach to keeping everyone happy.


3. Can be used to substitute a fitted sheet. In a situation where your fitted sheet is unavailable, you can substitute a flat sheet to cover your mattress. Here’s some tips to ensure your flat sheet does not come untucked when you sleep:

  1. Lay the flat sheet flat onto the mattress making sure the sheet will be big enough to be tucked under the mattress on all 4 sides and 4 corners.
  2. Slide the fabric on the foot of bed underneath the mattress
  3. Take the untucked fabric at the corner and fold it into square corners (this way it forms a tight corner that won’t come untucked at night)
  4. Repeat for the remaining 3 corners

4. Used to design or to decorate your bed. If you’re looking to spruce up your bed while keeping a minimalist look, we invite you to consider mixing and matching your bedding colors! Choose a different flat sheet color from your duvet cover to create a unique look by folding down a portion of the flat sheet over the duvet cover. 

At the end of the day whether your preference is using a flat sheet, fitted sheet or both, Linen & Homes’ 100% bamboo viscose flat and fitted sheets have the same purpose which is to create a comfortably smooth and cooling surface for you and your family to sleep on.

If you prefer that extra comfy layer and hotel made look, choose our four piece Luxury set which includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases.

If you love the simplicity and minimal layered look, check out the 3 piece Starter set. We also offer individual flat sheets that can be used on its own as a light throw on the couch, while napping or for you to bring it along during your travels!

Interesting trivia - Did you know before fitted sheets were invented, flat sheets were the only bedding choice. The tucking method mentioned above was preferred and still used by hospitals and hotels. We think it’s preferred by some as it’s much easier to fold and store flat compared to fitted sheets.