June marked the beginning of the rainy season in the Philippines, and with it came cooler temperatures that signaled our bodies to sleep more soundly and deeply. While cooler temperatures can be a welcome respite from the scorching heat of summer, they can also affect one's sleep quality if not managed properly. This is why choosing the right bed fabrics for bundling up is essential in making the most of the rainy season at home.  

Investing in thermal-regulating bed sheets, comforters, and duvet covers will not only ensure a more comfortable sleep, but will also promote better health and well-being in the long run. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the rainy season with cozy fabrics throughout your day:

Seeking Solace in the Afternoons

For many of us, cooler afternoons during the rainy season bring a desire to curl up with a good book or relax with a cup of coffee. But with the right throw or blanket, it can be easier to unwind and enjoy those lazy afternoons. The warmth from a woven cotton or bamboo throw instantly comforts tired muscles after a day's work, helping you mentally and physically leave your duties behind. From homemakers escaping the demands of the household to work-from-home employees stepping away from their laptops, a good throw blanket provides the cocoon of warmth and comfort we crave during quiet afternoons spent recharging.    


Wrapped in Warmth: Bedding Essentials for Chilly Nights   

On incredibly windy and rainy nights, our regular blankets or "kumot" often fail to keep the chill at bay. Ensuring you have multiple layers of bedding is key to truly bundling up for sleep. A light, breathable layer of sheets below a medium-weight comforter woven from soft cotton or microfiber helps regulate humidity and temperature, while a fluffy duvet feels like a hug as you drift off to dreams. The right bedding layers can wrap you in the cozy comfort we all deserve after a long day.

Linen and Homes has a wide collection to help you bundle up for sleep during chilly rainy season nights. First, our bamboo bed sheets are an excellent breathable base layer, regulating temperature and moisture while remaining soft against your skin. Next, our bamboo luxury duvet cover traps some warmth while still allowing airflow.   

If you want a soft, light, and fluffy layer that will keep you cozy and warm, yet not too hot under the covers, our CloudLight Comforter will lull you to a good night's sleep, while our Tranquility Weighted Blanket mimics the calming feeling of being hugged, helping you relax into sleep.   

Each layer aids restful sleep in its own way— from regulating humidity to providing just the right amount of warmth and "hug-like" comfort. Together, they create an ideal microclimate for deep, undisturbed sleep throughout the chilly evenings of the rainy season.

Rising Refreshed Every Morning   

As a new sun greets us each morning, we find out better whether our bed provides us with the night sanctuary we need. Some of us wake up cold and shivering during the night, with little sleep and rest plaguing us in the morning. With the right sheets to comfort and keep us warm and toasty, we can wake up truly well-rested and ready to face whatever the day may bring. Our children especially need the regulated temperature and humidity that high-quality natural fibre sheets, comforters and throws provide, ensuring they rise bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. 

With the right bedding essentials from Linen and Homes, the rainy season becomes an opportunity for coziness and bliss rather than discomfort. Invest in our soft, durable sheets and blankets woven from natural fibers like bamboo and cotton, taking your relaxation during cool afternoons to the next level, and ensuring a good night's sleep.