How many house tour vlogs have you watched this year? We’ve completely lost count. Staying at home has made us want to redecorate and fix up our homes even more. Beyond Pinterest, YouTube is a great source for design inspiration.

From tiny spaces to grand mansions, you can pick up a few excellent tips from most of them. You won’t have to travel to check out the most stunning and ingenious home interiors all around the world today. Here are some of our favorites.

We’re kicking it off with a local video, Team Kramer’s Antipolo home. Tall ceilings, their very own homeschool room, the master bedroom’s luxurious walk-in closet that you’ll want to live in, and a kitchen worthy of a master chef. 


Tour a Modern New England Home Renovation


We enjoyed watching how Shelby Girard turned her 3000-square foot house into a cozy dream home. Shelby is VP of Creative & Design at Havenly. If you love neutrals, this one’s for you. Check out the DIY modern kitchen renovation.

Harper’s BAZAAR has expanded its reach to digital, showcasing the visions of famous editors, photographers, and stylists on YouTube. A part of its channel is dedicated to virtual tours inside the homes of celebrities, designers, and interior experts.


Designing a Minimal Apartment for Calm Living

The architecture is simple and understated. Each individual item and piece of furniture has its place within the dream house. The once closed-off plan is now open, allowing the kitchen and living areas to experience calming views and light.”

We’re big fans of small homes, and this apartment near Sydney Harbour sets the bar high. It’s Japanese-inspired, usingnatural, pale oak timbers, porcelain and aged bronze. Aged bronze is said to have a living finish, allowing it to change over time. Lots of soft light and an excellent view of the bay, all rather soothing and calming.

The Local Project celebrates the inspiring homes and innovative projects of both established and emerging designers in the design world. Its videos tell compelling narratives that focus on how the design was created and delve into the people who made them. From project walk-throughs to in-depth interviews with designers in Australia and New Zealand, videos produced by The Local Project provide an engaging insight into the best of local design.


An Elegant Custom Townhouse Where Wellness Meets Luxury


A townhouse that was designed and constructed with wellness and luxury in mind. Think New York brownstone functionality with refined, elevated features. It’s a 3-part tour, so if you enjoy this one, be sure to catch the next 2.

House and Homes gives a captivating tour inside the most beautiful and unique homes. Aside from full-scale renovations and conversions, the channel also features the redesign of specific spaces like backyards, laundry areas, kitchens, and garages.  Homeowners share their experience restoring and decorating their homes, offering renovation tips and showcasing dramatic makeovers.


Architect’s Micro Studio Apartment


Here’s a 28 square meter home you can’t miss. Architect Douglas Wan is all about simple living and maintains what he calls a “monastic lifestyle”. It’s a clever and simple studio that maximizes the space available.

The channel Living Big In A Tiny House is the passion project of Bryce who professionally films and edits each video. Bryce finds the best-designed small spaces, alternative dwellings, and eco-friendly houses, allowing homeowners to open up and show us around their unique homes. The best thing about the videos is the variety of off-the-grid spaces. From Airbnbs to shipping containers, forest escapes, renovated trucks, and, yes, even submarines! 



We end this list with yet another local house tour we thoroughly enjoyed, and that's Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s dreamy Skypod. All that gorgeous natural light filling the space makes it so welcoming and inviting. Who wouldn't love to wake up that view every morning? We would happily voluntarily quarantine here for the next year or two. 


Home design inspiration is just a few clicks away. Whether you’re thinking of a simple redesign or a full-blown home conversion and lifestyle turnaround, these videos should inspire and help you get started.