How to Choose the Right Bed

white mattress on top of a bed frame in a dark bedroom

Not a lot of people actually put a lot of thought when buying a new bed sometimes. Unless you do, then good for you! Most times we just pick out a mattress and a bed frame with the least effort of decision making.

But taking time and choosing the right mattress, bed frame, bed sheets, and whatnot can actually improve your sleep and the rest of your days when you wake up. So before you order that spring mattress from Lazada right now, take a moment and go through the following pointers to see if you’re making the smartest decision for a good night’s sleep:

1. Pricing

I know a lot of goods can be priced fairly high. Like the price of an organic Fuji apple compared to a regular Fuji apple. Insane! But with mattresses, most brands price their products for their worth. It all comes down to the quality you pay for.

2. Shop around

Don’t get shy! Look around and don’t just settle. Instead of just ordering something online also, go to a physical store and try it out. It’s better than receiving a huge package to only get disappointed with the outcome. By going to a store you can get actual help and ask questions to see which bed would fit your preference. Make sure to also actually try it out, rather than just looking at it.

3. Bedroom size

Consider your entire bedroom space. You don’t want your bed to take up more than half your living area. You also don’t want to get a bed that may be too small, that you can’t spread yourself out. The last thing you want is for your own bed to stress you out. It would be totally ironic in that sense.

4. The look

A lot of beds can look nice, but do they feel just as great as they look? At the end of the day you should prioritize functionality over form. A designer bed may not give you the same 8 hours of sleep compared to a regular good quality bed.

5. Back pain

Like almost all of us, we tend to complain about back pain maybe every few days or every morning when we wake up. Spring and slat beds are good for those with back pain. Rule of thumb is to consider which sleeping positions allow your back to breathe and not hurt. You can consider an adjustable bed also or one where the firmness/softness is just right in order for you not to constantly shift to a bad sleeping position.

6. Bed frame and mattress

It’s very important to make sure your mattress will actually fit your bed frame. Be sure to take measurements before buying. You don’t want your mattress to be sticking out of nowhere or not lay evenly flat.

7. Mattress lifespan

If you don’t want to constantly change your mattress so often, consider a memory foam or latex one rather than a spring mattress. Or you can also invest in a mattress protector or topper, which is easier to replace in the future, than buying a whole new mattress.

8. Compare brands

This goes with shopping around, pretty much almost all mattresses offer the same thing - a mattress, but make sure to look at the specifications. After all mattresses don’t come cheap, so you want to make sure you’re investing your money in the right one.

9. Consider your partner

If you’re not the only one sleeping on this bed, then you need to make sure both of you enjoy the same thing. Try it out together and see if it fits both of your preferences and can literally fit the both of you.

10. Storage space

Especially for those living in condominiums or apartments, you want to make use of any extra space you have. Some bed frames actually come with storage space below or you can have a custom made bed frame with drawers on the sides or under the mattress.