how to make a room look bigger

  1. Go for a minimalist look

Do you need a lot of stuff? Being organized is key to achieving minimalism in your space. The goal is to create a sleek and clean feel by limiting the items you have in your home.  

Keep only the essential items and donate or sell the rest. Reduce clutter by clearing surfaces and store items inside cabinets and shelves.


  1. Choose muted and bright colors

Subdued colors like white, light yellow, sky blue, among others create the illusion of a bigger space as it reflects light.

Go for beige, green and blue which are relaxing to the eyes. These colors help the room maximize natural lighting so, go ahead and open your windows to let the sunshine in.

Create contrasts by combining different shades of colors. Remember that in a light-colored room, dark shades immediately draw attention so be cautious when painting them on your walls. You can experiment with light and muted colors on ceilings to create the illusion of height.

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  1. Use mirrors

This is a well-known trick that is used by interior designers. Mirrors reflect which lengthens the space in a room. They bounce natural and artificial light thus making your space appear welcoming and brighter.

It also creates a feeling of continuity. It gives the illusion that your space is expanding which will ultimately make it look bigger.


  1. Customize furniture

Measure your room and look for shops which offer bespoke furniture. No need to purchase additional room accessories and experiment with furniture sizes.  This will give you savings in the long run, allowing you more freedom to focus on other home improvements.

Go the extra mile and make it efficient by adding custom storage to your bed or build fully-fitted cabinets to awkward spaces and make creative yet functional ottomans.


  1. Add pin lights

To make a room seem bigger, open it up with light- both natural and artificial lighting. Go for LED light bulbs to ensure energy efficiency.  

Scatter pin lights in corners and key areas that you would like to highlight. These are also great to put in drop down ceilings as it will create an intimate and cozy feel for your room.


  1. Floating shelves

Maximize all the spaces in your room- vertically and horizontally. Store nick knacks and use them as a display. Store books, accessories or trinkets in these easy-to-reach storage spaces.

If you’re feeling creative, go for floating shelves that draw the eye upwards to create an illusion of wall height.


  1. Use simple decors

Show your personality through tasteful and unique accessories that showcase your style. Choose artworks, photos, crafted items or even make your own designs and place them all over your home.

Mind the overall combination of the colors in your home. The idea is to keep balanced contrasts.


  1. Choose transparent furniture

This can be in the form of a glass table, acrylic stylish chairs or cabinets with glass doors. Doing so will make your home feel airy and open.


  1. Leave a space empty

This is easily taken for granted but it’s the easiest tweak to create the illusion of a bigger home. Try not to fill every corner in your home and leave certain spots bare. This will allow better air circulation in your home and best of all, it will also evoke a sense of openness.


Try these hacks and see immediate changes in your home. You don’t have to spend much, all you need are little tweaks in the right places to open up your space.