Girl laying face down on the bed with a bare back cause of the heat


Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, because your bed was wet? And no we don’t mean by wetting your bed. Sweating at night is a pretty common symptom for both men and women. But some people may experience more symptoms alongside sweating, which could indicate more pressing concerns. But let’s set the distinction now, where innight sweats is excessive sweating while sleeping, rather than slight perspiration from heat which is completely normal.

What causes of sweating at night?

Simple enough if your sleeping environment is hot and, to be blunt, you’re a sweaty person, then of course you’re going to end up sweating. Wearing a lot of clothes or thick clothes at night will give you in also. It’s definitely more common in the Philippines, because of our tropical climate. Plus if you don’t use an air conditioner or if your room happens to be stuffy, you’re going to wake up in sweat. 

What causes of night sweating?

Night sweating on the other hand is defined by doctors as sweating due to severe hot flashes, regardless of your environment. Notable causes of night sweating would be infections, cancer, fever, weight loss due to lymphoma, menopause, hormone disorders, or certain medication.

How to stop sweating at night?

There are a few changes to note if you want to prevent the sweating, because it’s really not a quality we like other people noticing:

1. Get a new air conditioner or have it cleaned!

Like all electronic items or hardware, they depreciate. An old AC may not work as well as it did 3 years ago, even though you probably have it undergo maintenance. If you haven’t been having your AC unit cleaned every now and then, then that would be an issue too, as all the dust or dirt from the outside would be stuck inside preventing more air or clean air from getting through.

2. Add a mattress topper

Another issue would be your mattress. Mattresses are generally made from materials like cotton or foam that’s compacted together. This would mean that there’s no in flow or air circulation, so when you lay there for awhile, body heat gets trapped. Try getting a mattress topper, like the one from RXD, which comes with a cooling cover, to act as a mattress protection and also allow air to flow. 

3. Change your linens

Most linens are made of cotton. That’s pretty much the standard. But try using bamboo linen beddings instead, which has the highest benefits amongst all bamboo derived materials. They contain antibacterial properties, plus they’re stronger, durable, and softer. The one main benefit of these is the breathability. You can definitely say goodbye to hot summer nights.

4. Get new sleepwear

Just like your bed sheets, what you wear to sleep is important too. Besides silk made sleepwear, you can also try bamboo clothing. Same benefits, even better sleeps.

How to treat night sweating?

See a doctor. Night sweating is an indication of something more severe, so it’s best you see someone that’d certified and specialized in this field.