It probably hasn’t crossed your mind, but linens are actually worth looking into.

More than just a fabric used for cover, the right bed linen can have multiple benefits for your mind, body and total well-being.

Most commonly overlooked when shopping for home products, bed sheets actually aid you in getting the optimal hours of deep sleep your body needs. Linens act as a protectant between the friction of your body and the mattress. The heat generated out of that friction is regulated by the bed sheet.

The optimal temperature to achieve deep sleep is 15-19 degrees Celsius. Air-conditioning can help with this but have you noticed some instances wherein you wake up in the middle of the night, sweating? The bed sheet could be the culprit. 

Investing in linens doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out a lot of cash for luxury bedding. It’s more of finding the best bed sheets that give you value for money through comfort and durability.

To put it in perspective- when you sleep well, your body regenerates, your mood improves and your energy increases. Good quality linens can help you achieve that much-coveted deep sleep. 

Generally, it’s a good idea to change sheets every 2 years or so.  But when you see the following signs then it’s time to hit the buy button.


  1. Worn out bed sheets

Look at your sheets and hold them high, can you see through them? Does it look transparent?

Just like white hair, thinning fabric is a sign of old age. As with every item that is constantly used, it is bound to be worn out. You’ll likely see loosened weaves of fabric and tears along the edges.

If you see these tell-tale signs then it’s time to retire your trusted beddings.


  1. Rough linens

You don’t want to be tossing and turning all night only to wake up to chafed skin.

Fabric texture is highly subjective and there are different types of materials used to suit every preference. The most common types of bed fabrics used in the Philippines are:

Cotton – a soft and natural lightweight fiber that absorbs moisture

Polyester- a strong material made of synthetic fibers that repel sweat and moisture.

Bamboo – a natural fiber known for its soft texture and anti-bacterial properties

Blends- composed of various materials that are usually combined with cotton (e.g. cotton with polyester; cotton with rayon etc.)

These are all available in online storesand department stores. Take your time when picking your linens.  Research on textures, fabrics, and prices to get the best deal.   


  1. Smelly linen sheets

You’ve washed your bed sheets so many times, loaded with fabric softeners and detergents but still, the stench won’t come off. It’s not you, it’s your sheets.

Ruling out any health issues, if you experience night sweats then go for breathable fabrics such as cotton and bamboo.

Cotton is made of natural fibers that absorb moisture (water and sweat) and allows proper air circulation. It is ideal to use during summer as it cools down the body with its soft fabric.

 Bamboo is also a natural fiber with moisture-wicking properties. Meaning, it absorbs sweat and moves it into the linen’s exterior layer which allows for faster drying. Apart from its temperature-regulating characteristic, it is anti-bacterial which makes it the most hygienic option.

Want to know how bamboo sheets are made?

bamboo bed sheets

Credits: Cozy earth


  1. Change of décor

Your sheets have to match the ambiance too, right?

If you want a sophisticated and polished look for your room, use neutral colors for your bed sheets. White, beige, black, and gray are the usual staples because they go with any bedroom theme. Depending on your design, these tones can act as the focal point of your room or simply an accent.

Feeling more adventurous with color? Go for bold, bright hues of blue, pink, green and yellow. Have fun with it! It really depends on your personality and preference.

 If you have muted color walls then it will be a good idea to add a splash of color to your bed linens. Try experimenting with various textures as well to add more character.


  1. New mattress

If the sheets don’t fit then it’s time to buy a new one.

Not sure which size to get? Check out our guide:

bed sheet sizing guide

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  1. Itchy nights

This is most common for people with sensitive skin. Some chemicals, dyes, and fabrics irritate the skin which can lead to rashes and infections.

Go for materials that are soft, lightweight and breathable. Best examples are cotton and bamboo sheets. If you’re pinching pennies then you may also try fabric blends which usually combine cotton with polyester or other materials.

But if you can splurge a little, go for bamboo linens as they are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It may cost more than the usual bed sheets but that premium is due to its inherent hygienic properties that offer long-term health benefits.



It’s always good to look at investing from a practical viewpoint. Shell out for products that will give you benefits in the long run. For bed linens, remember that you are paying for better sleep. Because a well-rested mind and body lead to a vigorous well-being.

Now, isn’t that a worthwhile investment?