The evenings are starting to feel warmer and stickier, a sure sign that summer is slowly creeping in on us. Most of us can’t live without air-con during the summer but with it turned on all day means we're constantly breathing in recycled air. So before we have to shut all our windows and doors, now would be the perfect time to get organized and refresh our living spaces. When it comes to “summer cleaning” we prefer to start with our bedroom since it’s our favorite place to unwind and relax. Read on for our top tips for a thorough deep-clean:

1. Launder Your Bedding

Start by washing all your bedding including sheets, throw blankets, duvet covers, mattress protector and pillow cases. We often forget that pillowsand comfortersalso need frequent cleaning (tip: all Linen & Homes products are machine friendly). We recommend using a mild detergent and water temperature under 30 degree for the best results.

2. Refresh Your Mattress

First vacuum the top of your mattress to clear it of any residue like dead skin cells, dust mites and other critters.

Next deodorize by sprinkling baking soda, gently rubbing it in with a scrub brush and letting it sit for 10 minutes. This step is so important in our humid environment where surface sweat and moisture can’t fully evaporate after we leave our beds.

Last, repeat vacuum. The baking soda will have bonded with any moisture and body oils, the vacuum will remove the moisture absorbed baking soda leaving you with a refreshed mattress.

 After the cleaning we recommend you rotate your mattress 180 degrees, this prevents sagging and allows the mattress to wear evenly in turn increasing the lifetime of your mattress.

 3. Use the Fold Test

Not many of us know that pillows need to be changed quite frequently. Try this fold test: fold the pillow in half, if it remains limp and doesn’t spring back to shape, yellowish or smells mil-dewy it’s time to change to a new one


4. KonMari Your Closet

If you haven’t yet heard about the super effective KonMari organizing method yet, check out our easy to follow blog post about organizing your living space


5. Clean All Surfaces

Dust, sweep and vacuum all surfaces especially those often neglected places like the top of ceiling fans, back of stand fans, filters of air purifiers, hard to reach top and bottom shelves.  

 6. Naturally Freshen Up

Most of our closets and shelves do not get aired out, sometimes leaving a musty smell in our clothes. You can naturally deodorize by placing a plastic container filled with white vinegar inside, punch tiny holes in the lid and place inside drawers and cabinets overnight to absorb odors.


It might feel daunting to start the cleaning process but we guarantee you'll be more productive and happier in a clean and tidy space. Take it one step at a time and soon enough you'll feel the need to clean and organize your whole house!