What’s that they say, “New year, new you”? No need to start from scratch! You’re great the way you are, but never say no to improvement. Build on the best parts, try to turn things around with the not so good parts, and take it from there. It is said that more than half of new year resolutions fail, with some not even making it past January. It doesn’t have to be that difficult! 

To start off, choose achievable goals. Set yourself up for success with goals that are in line with how you see your future life, and within the realm of possibility. Dream big dreams, absolutely, but unrealistic goals tend to disappoint and put a stop to things before you gain any traction.

Be specific about what you want. Quantify and qualify the change you wish to see in yourself and your surroundings. Need to lose the holiday weight? Decide on how much and over how long a period this should be accomplished. 

Willpower may run out eventually, so be sure to limit the number of resolutions to reduce the risk of overwhelm. It’s better to set 1-3 resolutions that you can see through to the end than 5 or more that will drain your reserves. 

When you’ve decided on what you’ll be working on this new year, formulate a plan on how best to achieve your goals. List the steps needed to get there, and as always, be specific. How many minutes a day, and how many days a week will you work out? What changes to your diet, if any? 

If your resolution involves making sure you clock in those eight hours of sleep daily, congratulations! Better sleep means better days, and we would be more than happy to see you get there. Many have called our bedding “life changing”. (Reach out on Instagram or Facebook if you have questions.)

Remember that these resolutions often require significant lifestyle changes and a commitment to see them through. Picture your day to day life and how it would be different on your journey. Do you see yourself doing it? What can help you fully commit to the process? 

Meaningful goals will give you that extra push on days when it’s twice as hard to do the work. Getting fit would not only be for looking good, but for keeping up with your children as they run all over the place, and for living a long, healthy life to watch them grow up. Sleeping well is then for boosting your immune system, better mood, improving your memory, a healthy heart, stress management, and the list goes on. 

Lots of good things to look forward to this 2022. You've got this. Happy New Year!