We caught up with one of our favorite bloggers and homeschooling moms, Sheena Sy Gonzales, and talked a little bit about her family’s homeschooling journey.

She makes it look so easy and fun! She shares with us how she guides her two boys in learning, and she gives us a peek into their beautiful homeschool room.

What made you decide to homeschool?

Many reasons, but mostly because I wanted to be intentional in raising kids who love God, and I believe that homeschooling them in the early years helps me do this. My goal is to equip them well so they can learn how to think and glorify God in their lives. Also, I love that we have the freedom to choose the materials my children will be learning from and to give them lots of free time to pursue their interests.

Your homeschool is a mix of Charlotte Mason and Classical, correct? What drew you to these?

I love that a Charlotte Mason education gives the kids opportunities to spend time in the humanities such as art, nature and music. I feel that it helps make the kids more well-rounded. I agree with Classical Education's goals of educating for the purpose of wisdom and virtue and with the emphasis in seeking after of truth, goodness, and beauty through the study of Classics and great books.

Homeschooling requires proactive parental involvement, and CM even asks you to preread the kids' books. How do you do it and stay on top of everything?

Scheduling ahead of time helps me a lot. Knowing what to expect for the week in advance helps me to prepare and also allows me to make time for other duties.

How do you find time for yourself? What do you do to unwind?

Free time is important for me and for the kids so I make sure that free time is scheduled daily. We only study in the morning and our afternoons are mostly free. But I personally unwind at night when the kids are asleep. I try not to work during those hours so I can really recharge.

We love your homeschool room! Can you share with us how you designed it?

The room is constantly changing depending on my mood and current style. I basically just put things that inspire me and those that I hope will inspire the kids. I try to keep it organized as well because even though there are so many books and items in the room, I want to make sure I give my kids a neat and orderly space to work in.

Does it often happen that homeschooling spills out of the homeschool room and into the rest of the house? What happens then?

Yes, definitely, and I think that's the beauty of homeschooling! That we can learn anywhere and from everyone. Homeschooling doesn't end after our formal lessons, but we all continue to learn throughout the day, anywhere and everywhere.

What's your advice for moms in creating their homeschool space?

Make sure everything has a home. Assign specific spots for school books, materials, manipulatives, etc. so that everything is organized. Having a neat space will make it easier for you and for the kids.


Follow their family's homeschooling adventures at Sheena Loves Sunsets.