Girl in bed wrapped in a comforter looking at the view of the sea

It’s post-honeymoon-trip (not post honeymoon phase) and you’re craving to relive the adventures, the salty hair and sand between your toes, or the nice soft luxurious bed sheets wrapped around your hotel bed.

Either way, we feel you and resonate with you. Especially about the hotel bed. So why are hotel beds always so comfortable? Besides the mattress, fluffy comforter, and bed frame itself, the bed sheets are super important. 

Since hotel beds are made to be luxurious and sought after, there are still ways to upgrade your bed to make it feel like you’re still on vacation, when you close your eyes. You may think that Egyptian cotton is softer and more breathable, but in actuality, bamboo linen is way more breathable and softer. 

We may not be able to splurge for extremely expensive sheets to roll over in, but we do have options that will feel just the same or maybe even better. We have one with a 4 piece set if you want to go all out and a 3 piece set if you want to try it out first: