Oh, no! You’ve noticed a stain on your favorite bamboo sheets. If you’re wondering how to get your ultra-soft bamboo sheets looking brand new again, here’s what you can do. 


Soak the Stain Immediately

Most stains can be removed just by soaking it immediately in warm water mixed with a bit of gentle clear colored detergent. Soak it for at least 5 minutes and up to an hour. Soaking a stain allows the detergent to work on loosening it from the fabric, so when you throw it in the laundry for the normal wash cycle it can wash away the stain easier. 


Oil stain on bamboo sheets? 

Our skin glands are constantly producing sebum which protects and moisturizes our skin. This oil along with sweat and heat ends up on our bed sheets while we sleep. 

The best way to prevent discoloration or body oil stains is to launder bedsheets and pillow cases at least once a week so the oils do not permanently set into the fabric.

If you notice an oil stain—whether it’s from sweat, lotions and or body oils—then it’s time to wash the sheets. Bamboo fibers are naturally porous, giving it the breathable, lightweight and ultra-soft properties that bamboo bedding is known for. Due to the softness it tends to be more delicate and may require a bit of extra care during the wash and dry cycle. 

You can read about normal wash and dry instructions here. 


Additional Ways to Treat Stubborn Oil and Blood Stains

  1. Create a baking soda paste by mixing 1:2 ration of baking soda to water. Spray the spot with a bit of water to moisten it and then dab (not rub, as that will set the stain into the sheets further) the paste onto the stain. Let it dry until it becomes powdery and then brush off the residue. You can then throw it into the wash using your normal cycle.
  2. Dilute a drop of dish washing detergent (we recommend clear colored) and dab as this will help to break down the oils. 
  3. With caution and care, vinegar or lemon juice may also help whiten, brighten, and diminish stains. It’s best to dilute these two down with water (suggested 1:4 vinegar/lemon juice to water ratio) to lessen the acidity level as high acidity levels may weaken the delicate bamboo fibers.


What to Avoid When Treating Stains

The number one thing to avoid using on bamboo sheets is bleach. The abrasive chemical will cause the bamboo fibers to deteriorate and may cause holes and premature pilling to happen. 


Importance of Proper Storage

Make sure your bamboo sheets are dry before storing. After tumble or line drying, the sheets can be ironed on a low to medium setting to ensure the bedding is completely dried before storing. 

It’s best to store your bamboo bedding in the fabric bags provided with your Linen & Homes purchase. Avoid storing it in plastic containers as it can trap moisture and cause mildew and mold to grow leading to the yellowing of sheets and a musty smell.