Bamboo Starter Set Bundle

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Smoke Stripes
Alpine Grid
Canyon Red
Deep Blue
Earthy Green
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This bundle is for 2 Starter Sets. Each set includes 2 pillowcases and a fitted sheet.

The original Linen & Homes Bamboo Bed Sheet Set is now in a 3 piece core bedding starter set! Woven from 100% cooling bamboo viscose, these luxurious sheets are lightweight and breathable, perfect for the tropical climate. Whether you are fighting nightly sweats, looking to reduce your air-con bills, or simply want that 5-star resort quality bed, then these sheets are for you.

Guaranteed, Quality Experience.

Customer Reviews

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I have been a fan of bamboo sheets for years but this is my first time with Linen & Homes. And I have to say, my first was immediately followed by two more purchases. Their bamboo sheets are amazing. Feels so soft to the touch. I like it that I have multiple colors/desgins to choose from.

Their customer service is excellent too, and I think that's what made me buy from them again. They're very accommodating to queries and request. So this bundle has 2 starter sets and first, what I received were two sets of the same color. Upon receiving, I asked them if it was possible for them to change my other set for another color. They agreed, even on the same day! This definitely won't be the last. Highly recommended 💯

Carmel Ligon
Best beddings ever

This is my second time to order L&H's beddings. After using my first set, I couldn't settle for anything less. I purchased a set of beddings from another brand just before I discovered L&H, but after using these L&H bamboo sheets, I couldn't appreciate the other set. I simply love how L&H bamboo sheets pamper my tired body. It's hard to fully capture what the experience is like - it feels like being covered with light, silky soft sheets without the feel of the usual synthetic fibers; the sheets feel really cool whether I'm using an AC or fan. I can't imagine using other sheets again. These sheets are almost addictive. While I promised myself that the second purchase would be the last in a while, since these are good quality materials that are meant to last, I still find myself checking L&H's page regularly to check for irresistible sales.

Jona Atotubo
Sleep in luxury

They say we spend a third of our lifetime in bed, hence we should invest in a good bed and sheets. This is how I justified going from cotton to bamboo. I love the way that my sheets adapt to the weather. Whether my AC is on or off, I still find comfort under my covers.