Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cooling Removable Cover

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** Why is this on clearance?

* Clearance stocks arrived September 2021. Humidity normally causes memory foam to change color so you may find some parts, primarily edges, of the topper turning yellowish. This does not impact the quality of the topper. With the removable cover, you will not notice this. Memory foam normally ages this way; this is accelerated by temperature, humidity, and light.

* The memory foam may take longer than 48 hours to completely puff out (longest reported instance is 3 weeks) because it is vacuum sealed. There may be sunken spots which can normally be addressed by airing out the foam and also "making pagpag".

Sale items purchased cannot be returned or exchanged and are not applicable under our 30-day guarantee.  

Rejuvenate and upgrade your old mattress with two inches of memory foam adding comfort and relieving pressure during your night time dreaming. You don’t have to give up on your mattress just yet!

Comes with a cooling removable cover that adds airflow, whisking away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

 5 Bed Sizes: Specifications:

Single: 36 x 75 x 2"

Semi-Double: 48 x 75 x 2"

Full: 54 x 75 x 2"

Queen: 60 x 75 x 2 "

King: 72 x 78 x 2"

  • Foam: 2” 2.5lbs Gel infused memory foam
  • Cover: 300gsm cooling knit (cooling fiber + polyester)
  • 85gsm non-skid fabric on the bottom

    Guaranteed, Quality Experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    May not be good for people with back issues

    The topper is too soft for people who may have back issues like me. I would have preferred a firmer topper. It would be good if this caveat appeared in the description.

    My cat loves it as much as I do

    Got this with a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday. I don't regret this splurge! My mattress was due for an upgrade and this topper did the trick. I thought I was already getting the best sleep before this but I was wrong.

    I also noticed that my cat hangs out on my bed more often than he used to. Goes to show how comfy this topper is. It's cat-approved!

    Janet Yu
    Memory Foam

    I'm very disappointed. I thought it would be soft, but I felt hard when I lay down. after a week is still the same.

    Hi Janet! I believe our team has responded to your Facebook message regarding this :) As requested, kindly send us a zoomed out picture of the topper laid flat so we can help you out further. Thank you.

    Carmel Ligon
    The best thing that happened to my bed

    My mattress is barely a year old but too firm. The topper did wonders to my bed. It made my bed much more comfy. I must admit I was a bit wary about buying the topper as there's no warranty given that it was on sale. What if there's damage? But I'm delighted to say that the topper arrived in excellent condition. This is a wise buy!

    Great Investment

    Upon using the blanket for a week, I thought I made a mistake of buying it. But eventually my body got used to it and I always fall asleep faster than I used to.