Extra Cover for Tranquility Weighted Blanket

Made of 100% bamboo fibers like our signature sheets, extra covers for your Tranquility Weighted blankets so you can keep using your blanket while your other cover is being washed. This is the cover only, does not come with the inner weighted blanket 

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Like the original

Great buy. It seems the issues with buttons and the number of ties mentioned in previous reviews have been resolved by Linen and Homes. I have not problems with my extra cover.

Xyris T
Same cool and soft quality

I bought this to replace my current cover so I can place it in the wash. I took it as it was on sale and they advised the only difference were the buttons (instead of zipper) closure. They were just as good. I didnt mine the buttons, I have other duvet covers with the same clousures.

Nice Color But Not Same as Original

I like the color better than the original dark grey but otherwise I feel the extra cover is inferior to the original one that came with the weighted blanket. Buying an extra cover from the same source as the original made me assume (safely I thought) that it would be the same except for the color but I was wrong.

Hi Leah! Thanks for getting in touch. The cover you bought is from the same manufacturer that makes our bedding (duvet cover and sheets) and is made from the same material 100% bamboo fibers. We did notice the design for this batch followed our duvet cover (with buttons and not zippers) that's why we discounted the price from P3250 to P1800 :) If you'd like to have it replaced to the cover with zippers kindly email us at hello@linenandhomes.com. Thank you!

John G.

My initial order was blue then they called me they ran out of stock. Why would you make it available for purchase in the first place? They sent gray instead which I can live with. The cover they sent only has 6 usable ties while the blanket needs 10. This wont work because the weight of the blanket will put pressure on the used ties and will rip off. Never been this disappointed on a purchase. Such a big waste of money. I will never buy a product from this trash company again nor recommend to anyone. And one more thing it was not packed securely it will only come with a plastic bag so good luck hopping to recieve it un damaged. Overall... It was a horrible experience.

Hi John, thanks for your feedback. It appears that one batch of extra Gray covers were made with fewer ties than expected. I apologize for this. We should have caught it earlier. One of our team members will reach out to you today to sort this out.

Louise H.

soft replacement cover for weighted blanket. As soft as original corner.

Thanks for stopping by Louise! <3