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About Us


At Linen & Homes, our mission is to make it easy to buy luxuriously comfortable bedding at a fair price.


We developed our signature product after experiencing the best sheets ever while on honeymoon. After searching through many department stores and websites, we found the experience difficult and the products expensive (or not available locally!). We decided to take on the process and created sheets that need to be on every bed.

By simply changing sheets, long gone were the days of tossing and turning, and nightly sweats. Where air-conditioner settings were once a battleground, we don't even have to turn it on sometimes. It just so happened that the secret was in the fabric, properly woven 100% Viscose from Bamboo - a textile with the perfect mix of properties that are meant for beds in the Philippines.

Whether you are buying your bedding for the first time or investing in an upgrade, we invite you to consider Linen & Homes. Please do browse our site to learn more about why and how we developed our products.

- Ryan & Shelly