In Linen & Homes, we are actively looking to develop the most comfortable beddings with the best materials. For our Cool Night Comforter, we wanted to use a material that can reduce night sweats and keep you feeling cool throughout the night. So, we used 100% polyester Suprelle® Cool Night fibers. Learn more about what makes Suprelle special.

Innovative European Luxury

Suprelle redefines comfort with its advanced cooling technology which performs by continually moving heat away while you sleep, keeping you cool throughout the night. Suprelle is a trademark of ADVANSA, Europe’s leading fiber producer, with a reputation for superior quality,innovative products and a commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Eco2 Technology
Wellness, Nature, and Respect
for the environment

Suprelle® fillers are made with pure and premium polyester fiberfill made with polymer derived from plastic bottles — a fully traceable process that uses less land, water and CO2. It even has better moisture transport for improved breathability which reduces heat build up for optimal comfort.

Life-Changing Sleep
Feel the Difference. Make a difference.

ADVANSA is the World Leader in Sustainable Manufacturing. Regularly audited by a 3rd party, ADVANSA adheres to socially responsible business practices including full traceability from high grade raw material to fiber and no child labor.

With Linen & Homes, you can now enjoy luxuriously soft beddings that are sustainable & eco-friendly. We do invite you to check out our Suprelle® Cool Night Comforter