My wife and I have been married for over a year, and have been together for a bunch of years now. Thinking of gift ideas can be challenging, especially because our wedding anniversary, her birthday, and Valentine's Day fall on the same month. While I sometimes scratch my head and feel like whatever I get may not be good enough to show how much I love her, I'm blessed that she appreciates all that I am and all that I give.

You'll find 5 gifts below that will make your special someone really happy - not just for the stuff, but for the love and experience that comes with it. I've personally received Gift # 4 from her and given her Gift # 3. Both of us could not be happier. As for Gift # 5, we got those as a gift for ourselves. Hope you don't mind the self-promotion, but Gift # 5 is really a great product, and one that not many will come up with when thinking about gifts.

Note: I found some of these images on Pinterest.

1. A Frame that Captures a Travel Memory

Sometimes we collect tickets and random trinkets without knowing what to do with them. We used to have a shoe box full of paper. It's too bad we decided to throw that shoe box out because we felt like we were just hoarding. A framed collection of memories from our honeymoon trip would have been an awesome gift!

2. 12 or So Letters for Specific Moments

Not everyone is a writer. Not everyone can express their emotions verbally as well. There is always something special about receiving something personally written though. While a simple greeting card may do the trick, I stumbled across this great idea: to write a collection of letters for specific moments. Like: Open when you need to know how much I love you, and Open when you think I'm Being Unreasonable

3. Gift of 5 Senses

I found this gift idea while searching online. I thought it was clever and can be very personal. I prepared this gift recently and my wife was definitely happy. Perhaps your significant other's been eyeing a book, or enjoys a certain spicy ramen. The gift of sound was tough. Perhaps a Spotify premium subscription? For Touch, let me suggest our product - Bamboo Bed Sheets :)

4. Jar of Notes

My wife gave this to me during my birthday and I was incredibly touched. She's really an amazing person and truly makes everything worthwhile. I saved all of the notes, keeping opened ones in another pouch. I've also left half of the jar unopened because its such a treat to open a note every so often. I can't wait to go home and see how many are left - and open one more.

5. Bamboo Bed Sheets!

Linen & Homes Bamboo Bed Sheets

I must admit. Sheets don't usually come to mind often when thinking about gifts. I never thought of gifting sheets. Lately I've been gifting them and the people who get them are always really excited. I obviously have incentive to sell these because its my business. But after discovering bamboo sheets during our honeymoon in the US, my wife and I decided that everyone should experience them too! What better way to get them in the form of a gift. You spend a third of your life in bed and sleep quality is crucial to your day. Learn about the product at least, and do consider them as a gift :)

Click here to learn more about Bamboo Bed Sheets. They may perhaps make the perfect gift here in the Philippines!