Condo living is a popular concept for urban dwellers who prefer to live in a conveniently located building that is well-managed and equipped with modern amenities.

There is great demand for this way of living. Since condominiums offer convenience, proximity, accessibility, and luxury, property developers are able to sell it at a steep price or offer an affordable amount it in exchange for a smaller unit size.

One could say that this is compensation for all the modern comforts that they offer.


Small Spaces

Living in a small area is not easy. It can leave you feeling restricted, with no personal space to enjoy.

It can feel overwhelming- a cramped space that’s surrounded by so much stuff, you don’t even know how you can fit in the room.

It can feel like a burden- most of your paycheck goes to rent or mortgage only to be stuck in a box with limited provisions for natural lighting and air circulation.


That’s how it is and that’s how it’s going to be for a long time given our growing population.

With that said, if you are living in a small space and struggling to make it your own, to make it look bigger or to make it more spacious then here are some design tips to widen your room.

It’s not all about décor, having the right furniture can make a big difference.

Consider these bespoke furniture ideas that prove to be functional and creative.


  1. Foldable Tables

This is a great multi-purpose investment for your home. Design or look for a table that can be folded when you need more floor space or pulled out when you have guests. This can also function as a desk or work area when needed.


  1. Flipping furniture

As the name suggests, this is a type of furniture that can be re-created into various functions. An example would be an ottoman that converts into a coffee table, chair or storage space. Another would be a foldable chair that is portable enough to be carried anywhere or stored in the nooks of your home.


  1. Daybed

This is probably the easiest to find since it’s available in major furniture stores. As the name suggests, this can be used as a couch during the day and converted into a bed at night.

It’s also a great option for guests to sleep in. It’s compact enough to maximize space without sacrificing comfort. Give it an extra flair by adding a blanket that adds character. We love our Bamboo Muslin Throw Blanket


  1. Dual-purpose bookshelf

Love reading books? Go ahead and display them on an open cabinet that can also double up as a room divider. If everything you read is now digital and you don’t have books then feel free to display your trinkets, accessories, and collections. Not only does it act like a partition but it will also personalize your space.


  1. Multi-storage bed

This should probably be first on your list when planning the layout of your room. Maximizing your bed can do wonders for your room. Go for beds that offer storage options underneath the mattress frame. This will help keep your room organized. This could also translate into savings since you won’t have to buy more cabinets or dressers.



Bottom line is that lack of space is a prevalent issue that we continue to face. Whether it’s because of your growing family, budget limitations or scarcity of options, it’s a concern that has to be dealt with.


Don’t be constrained by your limited space. With just the right kind of tweaking, you’ll surely see major differences that will do wonders to your space.






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