How many of us have promised ourselves we would be more organized this year? It’s one of the easiest things to spot that needs improvement in our lives, because clutter around the house is so… present. It's a presence unto itself.


The first month of the year is as good as a time as any to get started. 


Clutter and Mental Wellness 

A cluttered environment can greatly affect our anxiety levels, quality of sleep, and focus. It also gets in the way of our productivity, and is said to likely trigger the urges to snack and binge watch TV shows. If it wrecks our diet, that’s two resolutions going down the drain this year.

Our brains are soothed by order and organization, and constantly being surrounded by clutter can significantly drain our cognitive resources. How can we expect to process large amounts of information when our minds are overloaded? 

Research shows that living in a chronically messy home increases the cortisol levels in the body. That’s the stress hormone that we try to keep in check with regular exercise, eating well, and our trusty weighted blanket. 


Committing To It

Tidying up feels so daunting, but it’s more exhausting to constantly have to live that way. If it’s overwhelming, Marie Kondo’s methods have proven to be effective. Sometimes it’s better to just jump right in and do it. Once the process is underway, it gets easier to see it through.  

If you’re busy with work and raising children, it’s perfectly understandable! It’s hard to dedicate time to doing this time-consuming task, and that’s where professionals come in. There are local professional organizers who would be more than happy to help get your home sorted out.


More Storage Space 

One helpful thing to note is that you must invest in adequate storage for the things you do intend to keep. Are we shopping too often for things we don’t really use or need? 

When our belongings exceed the amount of storage we have, things inevitably spill out into our living spaces. If you have been considering a renovation this year, this is a good thing to keep in mind as you make changes around the house. 



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