There are so many misconceptions out there about bed sheets and we’re here to set the record straight. As bed linen experts, we’ll debunk the most common ideas about luxury bedding.

  1. It’s too expensive

Just from reading the title surely, you’ve assumed that luxury bedding automatically equates to a high price.

Well, what if you found out that it’s not necessarily the case.

It’s true.

The most common beddings sold in the market are usually made of mixed fabric (cotton + rayon/ polyester etc) which is why they can be sold at a lower cost.

Some specialized bed sheets are sold at a premium because manufacturers use pure materials which involve meticulous processing procedures. By doing so, they create an improved version of the raw material without stripping off the linen’s natural properties. This allows the seller to market their bed linens at a higher price due to the increased benefits that it offers.

Prices also vary for some luxury linens. Depending on your lifestyle, this can be equivalent to a cumulative amount of what you spend on parking, drinks, or gimmicks. If you re-allocate these expenses into buying a comfortable bed sheet set which will help you sleep better at night then, you’ll be able to truly maximize your money. 

Do take note that price and value are relative to the consumer. Remember that the product you are paying for should give you equal or increased value in terms of comfort, better sleep, and more savings in the long run, among others.


  1. Expensive sheets will last a lifetime

Some may last for years but it’s not a general fact.

It essential to consider the manufacturing process and materials used in creating these luxury linens. Naturally, the more meticulous the process, the more durable it will be. There are also certain bed linens that area naturally sturdy. Bamboo, Egyptian cotton, and Pima cotton are your safe bets.

Usage and maintenance are other key factors in contributing to your beddings’ longevity. Using it regularly may reduce the softness of your sheets over time so, it’s handy to keep a replacement bed sheet set.

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  1. Higher thread count = Better quality

 What is a thread count?

Simply put, it is the number of thread weaves per square inch. These are the horizontal and vertical threads you see when you look at your sheets up close.

 Contrary to common belief, having a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily equate to better sheets. Good quality refers to a linen’s capacity of regulating temperature and providing sufficient airflow as you sleep.

 Ideally, go for bed linens with a 200- 800 thread countto ensure maximum comfort and durability.


  1. It’s all the same

Luxury beddings are defined subjectively. For some, it can mean bed linens made of silk or cotton, while for others it can be made of bamboo and other natural fibers. Different fibers have different characteristics that suit various preferences.

 Here’s a general rundown of their characteristics:

Silk- a smooth and elastic fiber associated with comfort and luxury 

Cotton – a soft and natural lightweight fiber that absorbs moisture

Polyester- a strong material made of synthetic fibers that repel sweat and moisture.

Bamboo – a natural fiber known for its soft texture and anti-bacterial properties

Blends- composed of various materials that are usually combined with cotton (e.g. cotton with polyester; cotton with rayon etc.)

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  1. You can use your bed sheets right after purchasing

 You can but it is advisable not to.

For hygienic purposes, wash your bed sheets before you use them. You never know how your beddings are packaged.  Though it’s not worth causing alarm over, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.


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