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Our moms are like the queen of our lives. She has always been in there since even before our birth. She conceived us for 9 months, gave birth to us, nursed us, and have been there for both comfort and discipline.

What does the queen of our lives deserve? The BEST! With Mother’s Day coming up, what can we do to make her feel special? What can we do to make her feel that she truly is the queen of our lives?

Here are 5 ideas that will surely make your queen smile and melt at the same time!

Image by: Toa Heftiba

1. Serve Her A Breakfast Fit for a Queen

    Cooking  can be intimidating, I know for sure! But before we get into the act of cooking, we first have get into the thought of cooking or what to cook. Take into consideration your mom’s taste in breakfast. Does she prefer rice meals, bread, or pasta? You’ll never go wrong if you consider her taste!

    As for the act of cooking, you can do your research through traditional cookbooks or online. Personally, I look up the recipes I am interested to cook on Youtube.

    Another option is to let another family member or friend help you cook, if you’re not really that confident in your cooking skills.

    What you can do on the other hand to take things up to the next level is to serve her breakfast first thing in the morning with a little surprise DIY to make the moment a little bit more special and memorable. ThisDIY Tray by Stephanie Carina is so cute and thoughtful at the same time. What do you think?

    Image by: Christian Newman
    2. Makeover Fit for a Queen

    Sometimes, our moms can forget about how they look like in the midst of the busy day (especially for working moms, like I have). My mom is simple. She’s not the type who would take the extra time to level up her natural beauty, unlike most women.

    If you’re going out to celebrate mother’s day, prepare in advance the clothes that she’s going to wear. You can surprise her with an unusual yet awesome combination from her clothes, or you could surprise her with new ones.

    If she’s up for it, you or your sister or anyone who knows how to style hair and use makeup can do her hair and makeup for a complete makeover from H to T!

    Image by: Katy Belcher
    3.Spa Day

      The fun doesn’t need to be leveled down if your momma prefers to stay indoors to celebrate Mother’s Day! Why not plan a Spa at Home day for the queen of the house? Let her relax, soak into some DIY bath bombs, or let her sense of smell indulge in some relaxing DIY infuser. Call in for some indoor mani-pedi session. You could put on some DIY face mask while you play some soothing music or watch a movie or series that she likes. (Welp, it’s her day, let her control the viewing plan!)

      Image by: Drop the Label Movement
      4. Momma Says

        Simon Says is soooo outdated! Spice it up for Mother’s Day and render an appropriate rendition for the occasion: Momma Says! This little game is intended to spoil your mom on this special day that we celebrate her mom-ness. This is when she can freely say something along the lines of “because I’m your mother, and because I told you so.” without the “but mom!” feeling that we sometimes get.  Well, you know what they say, mothers know best!

        Image by: Samuel Fryf
        5. Be the Modern Version of a Royal Jester

          I remember way back then, when we used to celebrate Mother’s Day along with my Grandma’s and cousin’s birthday (which fell on the same day, the first of May). My brother and I would prepare something to present to the whole family. We’d do comedic acts, or skits, but the one act that is still stuck on me is us acting as newscasters. We’d write hilarious (or sometimes corny) stories on index cards and deliver them in front of the family. It made us feel happy seeing the smiles on our everyone’s faces.

          If you’re more of a musician than a comedian, then why not serenade the queen? Make your own rendition of her favorite song, or make a song especially for her to make her feel extra special!

          If you’re a writer, you can write her a poem and present it through spoken poetry. If you’re an artist, express your love by doing a masterpiece dedicated or inspired by her and showcase it in front of her. If you’re into embroidery, knitting or doing some crochet projects, you can make her a charm for her purse (which can take just a few minutes to a few hours, from my experience) or something to keep herself warm in the cold season like a blanket, a scarf.  You can also opt for something that she can use right away like a pouch (this took me around half a day to make, if I were to knit non-stop).

          If you’re into cooking, do your best as if you’re on Throwdown with Bobby Flay and let the queen be your judge! If sports is your thing, have a little exhibition event or have a little showdown with your siblings. If you have an unusual talent, try to prepare a little act for her! Let the Queen know and feel that she did an awesome job raising her beloved children. 

          Image by: Eye for Ebony

          One of the best things that one can give to his or her mother (or any other beloved) is the gift of time. The present is the most precious treasure anyone could ever have and if we share it with our mothers, it's something surely they will hold dear. For our moms who has been with us from the start, it has been one crazy but fun ride. If they would look back, they would say that time is truly fast. Once upon a time, they cradled us in their arms. They witnessed our very first steps. They witnessed our very first words. They not only witnessed but also celebrated our firsts in our lives. Let us make more memorable moments with them as we celebrate not only Mother's Day, but every moment with our precious queens! Cheers and have a Happy Mother's Day!