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Bed Sheets: Is it worth splurging on?

You’ve surely seen a variety of bed sheet sets with extreme price ranges that are cheap to expensive. When making purchases, it’s usually the last necessity to splurge on. But contrary to popular belief, bed sheets are worth the money, provided that the materials used are of premium quality.

Here are some reasons to show why you should also prioritize your bed linens.

1. Think about your health

A common household staple, bed sheets are important for ensuring a good night’s rest. It acts as a protection between the body and the mattress. It regulates temperature which enables the body to relax and eventually, slumber.

Deep sleep is essential in everyday life as it aids the body’s natural process of recuperation. When you sleep well, your brain’s circuitry re-wires which allow for better memory and data absorption. Your immune system is also strengthened and your mood is neutralized. Read more sleep benefits in our previous post: Why We Love To Sleep (And So Should You).


2. There’s always room for some lovin’

Apart from helping you get a good night's sleep, bed linens also set the mood for romance. Imagine lying on your bed, your fingers touching the silky texture of your beddings, lingering then caressing. Its light, soft cloth inviting you to cuddle with your significant other for hours on end. It’s the perfect excuse to bond with your loved one. Just make sure to go for bed sheets that have a range of 200-800 thread count. This allows proper air circulation and makes your body feel cool and comfortable.


3. Bring out your inner Santa

Always trying to figure out what to give your partner/ parents/ family/ friends and relatives on special occasions? Bed linens are usually overlooked yet they are extremely useful. Not only does it work as a great room accent but it is also functional.

We love our Premium Bamboo Luxury Set which is great value for money. It comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.


4. It’s okay to splurge for yourself.

You work so hard, pay your bills, and help with family expenses. With so much focus on others and on the never-ending things that you have to do, you tend to overlook your well-being. Rest is one of the most basic necessities for survival but is now being considered a luxury, amid our busy lives.

Not a lot of people know this, but you don’t have to go to an expensive spa to relax and be pampered. You just have to be creative. All it takes is a set of soft luxurious bed sheets, dim lights, essential oils, and a relaxing music.

Try your own home spa today and be amazed at how easy it is.



Where can you buy good quality and affordable bed sheets?

The great thing about bed linens is that it is available anywhere. You can easily find them in department stores, malls, kiosks and even online stores.

When choosing your bed linens, make sure to double check the materials used, to ensure the legitimacy of the product you are buying.

Customer reviews are a great way to check the quality prior to purchase. This also minimizes the risk for you since you make other people test the product first.



Key Takeaway

Considering the benefits of using good quality bed linens, we highly suggest you go for premium fibers when buying your bed sheets. It’s wise not to scrimp for this basic household necessity. Aside from their aesthetic purpose, bed sheets are extremely functional. They help you sleep comfortably, enhance your general well-being, encourage affection and promote relaxation.