Shopping for bedding should be an easy task. More often than not though, it becomes confusing, especially when marketing jargon is used. You’re not alone if you’re not quite sure what the difference (if any) is between a duvet and a comforter. A lot of times these two words are used interchangeably. 

A duvet and a comforter both have the same function; they are basically a cover or a blanket. The real difference between them is that a duvet is meant to be used as a two piece set: the duvet insert and the duvet cover. A duvet insert is normally smaller in size, covering just the top part of the mattress. The comforter is usually sold as one item and can be used on its own without any cover. Although some people choose to use a duvet cover to protect the comforter from getting dirty, it’s not necessary. The size of a comforter is traditionally larger than a duvet so it drapes over the sides of the bed. 

Duvet Pros

  • You can easily switch up the look and feel of your bedroom by having a few different colors and designs of duvet covers. Duvet covers are easy to store flat since they’re about the thickness of 2 flat sheets.
  • Easier to clean - The duvet insert is protected from stains and dust by the outer duvet cover. The cover is usually washed more frequently than an insert, which may not be washable based on the fabric.

Duvet Cons

  • The filling inside the duvet insert may clump up as most inserts do not have the quilted pocket design like comforters
  • It can be a bit of a struggle to change the duvet cover. Our favorite method is the “Burrito Method” where you flip the duvet cover inside out, lay the duvet insert on top, secure the corners and sides with the tie, roll the bedding towards the opening, then flip again. 

Comforter Pros

  • Comforters can be used without a cover.
  • The filling is evenly distributed inside the quilted pockets.
  • Depending on the comforter design, one can choose to pair it with a duvet cover.

Comforter Cons

  • Comforters are sometimes challenging to clean because they may be bulky and heavy, where washing machines may not be capable of laundering them.
  • Linen & Homes’ CloudLight Comforter is light, cozy, and washing machine friendly.
We chose to make it easy at Linen & Homes. You can use the CloudLight Comforter on its own or pair it with our 100% bamboo duvet cover. Check out this bundle that we've created.