Tranquility Weighted Blanket with 100% Bamboo Removable Cover

Size :
Color :

Three Available Sizes:

5LB (2.2 kg) 40 x 50" (Recommended for kids over 50LB/23KG and over) 

12LB (5.5KG) 48 x 72" (Recommended Body Weight 80 - 120LB/36 - 54KG)

15LB (6.8KG) 60 x 80" (Recommended Body Weight above 120LB/ 54KG)

Comes with a removable cover, dark gray color made of 100% bamboo fabric 300 thread count keeping it breathable and cool. 

The sensation of sleeping beneath a weighted blanket releases ‘happiness hormones’ that can improve sleep quality and duration. It mimics the pressure of being hugged or held, which is why weighted blankets have been used for years in occupational therapy, particularly in conditions such as depression, anxiety and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Filling: Micro-glass beads (a higher quality environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pellets and is hypoallergenic)

Should not be used on infants or children under 12 years of age. 

Guaranteed, Quality Experience.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Can’t Sleep Without It!!

I’ve been wanting a weighted blanket for the longest time, and I finally decided to buy this after my sister got one. Now, I love it so much that I can’t sleep without it. Best purchase ever!!!


I had to sleep without my weighted blanket for a week or so. Those were the weeks I was super sleepless, couldnt sleep at night even if I drank sleep meds or anything. When I got my blanket back, it all clicked. I've been having my restful sleep all over again!

Nikko Ross Pulutan
Quality Sleep is Real!

I’ve been having quality sleep ever since I bought this! Should have bought it many years ago. Highly recommended!

Great investment for a quality sleep

I work night shifts and the weighted blanket helped me get quality sleep during daytime. I feel more energized and level of stress has significantly improved. Now my family members want one too!

Feels like being hugged!

I love the feeling when I pull the blanket on me. It's so comforting.