Find Out Whether A
Bed Topper is Right For You

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What Is The Quality of your Mattress?

Your mattress may be ready for an upgrade. Here's a guide to know when it's time to invest on a topper.

  • "Too Firm"

    Sleeping on a hard surface
    can cause discomfort and
    muscle pain

  • "Too Hot"

    Night sweats can keep
    you tossing and turning
    through the night.

  • "Too Saggy"

    Indentations in an old
    mattress can cause back
    pain due to lack of support.

  • "Too Noisy"

    Aside from the 'squeaky'
    noise, it also means lesser
    support due to worn out springs.


Topper Vs Mattress : Which one is better for you?

Consider these factors as you weigh your options

Memory Foam Topper Memory Foam Mattress
Price P 4,950 - P 10,000 + P 15,000 - P 33,000 +
Years of Use 5 + 10 +
Care / Maintenance Easy Medium
Manueverability Easy (Can be rolled up) Difficult

When upgrading your bed, you don't necessarily need to buy a new mattress. In most cases, getting a comfortable topper can give you the upgrade you are looking for. It is also cheaper to buy a new topper instead of investing in a new mattress for the same result. So, check out our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Topper for hotel-quality comfort at low cost.

Our Memory Foam Topper can improve new and old mattresses alike by adding a layer of comfort & support where you need it.


What Type of Mattress Do You Own?

Our Topper is compatible to most types of mattresses.
However, it may not be the best fit for others.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory Foam easily conforms to your body and provides support for your neck and shoulders.

  • coil Mattress

    Memory Foam easily conforms to your body and provides support for your neck and shoulders.

  • Latex Mattress

    Latex Mattresses are known for its firmness and durability. It also doesn't trap heat while you sleep.

  • Adjustable Mattresses

    It is one of the most flexible mattresses and can be elevated to provide more relief or support.

  • Air Mattress

    It uses air as the primary way to provide support. The level of firmness can also be adjusted.

  • Water-filled Mattress

    Water-filled mattress or Water beds are made for comfort & relaxation. However, it does not provide enough support.

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